Why Did It Have To Be Bathrooms??

Why Did it Have to be Bathrooms??

Howdy! I'm Sean Haugh, running as a Libertarian for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.

Oh my word, just shoot me now. So, the big public issue of the day is who gets to go to the bathroom where? Really?

If that's what we have to argue about, then maybe all government has just completely outlived its usefulness.

You know, except for some of my fellow gentlemen practicing a little better aim, we didn't have much problem knowing how to go to the bathroom until politicians decided we had to pass laws about it.

So the City of Charlotte, having nothing better to do apparently, gave transgendered people special permission to go to the bathroom.

Then the Republicans currently running our state government decided no, if we demonize all the transgendered people and don't let them go the the bathroom anywhere, maybe we can get reelected.

And now President Obama has come in with his magic wand and issued an edict granting students, at least, the right to go the bathroom again. The rest of us will just have to go behind the dumpster out back or something.

If government thinks it must pass laws about who goes to the bathroom where, I say that's a government that's way too big and way too intrusive.

Here's an easier solution. Human rights belong to everybody, equally. Our laws should reflect that basic truth, instead of continually finding new protected classes of people to grant special protection.

All people have the right to seek redress if they feel like they're a victim of systematic discrimination. Anti-discrimination law should facilitate people's access to the courts so they have the power to enforce their rights directly.

If we leave it to the legislators and bureaucrats to sort this out for everyone, they'll just keep reaching new levels of ridiculousness. Every politician who thinks this is an issue for government to decide needs to find another line of work.

I'm Sean Haugh, and I'll put the seat back down for you.

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