Prisoners of the War on Drugs

Prisoners of the War on Drugs

Howdy! I'm Sean Haugh, running as a Libertarian for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.

Everyone knows the Libertarian Party has been opposed to the War on Drugs ever since it started under Richard Nixon. We've always favored full drug legalization because that's the best way to deal with any problems caused by drug use. It's a nice feeling now that the rest of the world is catching up with us on this.

Simply ending the War on Drugs is not enough to heal the tremendous damage done to those caught up in it. Again, Libertarians have always called for all prisoners incarcerated for victimless crimes to be released and pardoned.

After all, they need to be able to get a job without an unjust felony conviction on their records. So it puts a smile on my face to see President Obama commuting the sentences of many in federal prison for drug offenses. It's a start.

We can't just tell all those folks whose lives have been ruined by a drug conviction, oops, my bad, and send them home with nothing. We've stolen years from the prime of their lives, broken up families and damaged the communities targeted by this unjust war.

Now, I know I'm going to get in trouble with my fellow Libertarians for ever suggesting a new government program, but in this case I hope they understand. We should offer reparations to anyone still living who has ever been a prisoner of the war on drugs.

We have a recent precedent. Our own Senator Thom Tillis has successfully pushed for reparations from both state and federal governments for victims of their eugenics programs. Kudos to him for that.

I hope he'll work with me to do the same for victims of similarly unjust, failed, and destructive government programs such as the war on drugs.

I'm Sean Haugh, and I approve of this beer.

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