On the Minimum Wage

On the Minimum Wage

Howdy! I'm Sean Haugh, running as a Libertarian for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.

People ask me, Sean, why do you oppose a rise in the minimum wage when you work a minimum wage job?

Look, the problem is not that workers don’t get enough dollars. The problem is workers’ dollars don’t go far enough.

We have a monetary system that is based upon inflation. And by inflation, I mean a systematic transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

In order to truly provide living wages, we must strengthen the value of the dollar and make it possible again for one person in some average job to make enough money to provide for their entire family. I am old enough to remember when that actually happened.

I make decent money with pizza delivery. It’s almost enough to cover the monthly obligations for me and my sweetie.

But like most Americans we have to take up a few other odd jobs and create more streams of income to really stay above water. The money I make at my full time job should be enough to provide for a family of 4 or 5.

Sure, we can jack up the minimum wage to $15. So when do we need it to rise to $17? $20? When does this end? And when do workers ever ever catch up?

The minimum wage is a band aid offering no cure whatsoever to the underlying problem. We must strike at the root and make your money actually mean something again.

Ending the Federal Reserve's control over monetary policy is just the beginning. We need to ensure that not only the dollars you earn retain their value over time, but also that you keep all your rights to use your money any way you see fit.

Economic freedom is necessary to exercise all your other rights. There is enough wealth in this world for everyone to live comfortably. The real solution starts with reducing the size and scope of government so people can keep their own wealth.

Raising the minimum wage is the curse of Sisyphus. You know that guy, always rolling that rock up that hill only to see it slowly fall back down once he has reached the top. We must break this cycle with reforms that make the notion of a minimum wage unnecessary.

I'm Sean Haugh, and I want you to keep all the money you earn.

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