On Gender Identity

On Gender Identity

Howdy! I'm Sean Haugh, running as a Libertarian for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.

You own yourself. You get to choose how to define yourself. These are among the most basic principles of freedom.

How you express your gender and sexual preferences is totally up to you, no matter what anybody else tries to tell you. When politicians attempt to define this for you, they are saying you don't own your body. They are saying your body exists to serve the interests of the state.

There's a word for those who think your gender identity is a matter for legislation: totalitarian. How you define your gender harms no one in any conceivable way. Gender identity is one area where government has no justifiable role whatsoever.

It's unfortunate that people fear those who they don't understand. But here's the thing: you don't have to understand other people's choices in order to understand that people have every right to make those choices.

The whole point of America is that when you live here, you are free to follow your own conscience. Politicians who try to dictate matters of conscience to us are fighting against the most sacred values held by the Founders.

Personally, I admire transgendered people. It takes a lot of courage to insist upon being yourself no matter what the rest of the world says.

But my opinion really doesn't matter here. What matters is that I understand I have no right to tell anyone how to define their own body. Nothing good ever comes from government trying to define our bodies for us.

I'm Sean Haugh, and hey, you be you. That's America.

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