NPR: Pizza Man Delivers Third-Party Option

Excerpt from the piece:

"They are not spoilers," says [Richard] Winger [editor of Ballot Access News]. "Libertarians are generally drawing equally from people who'd vote Democratic and Republican."

Haugh agrees with this analysis and bristles at the term "spoiler." As he sees it, his platform is a combination of ideas from the left and the right. He's pro-choice everything, anti-war, and wants a smaller government.

His grandfather was a moderate Republican; his parents are very liberal.

"I was simultaneously raised by Barry Goldwater and Martin Luther King, so you put them both together you get a natural-born Libertarian," says Haugh.

And because North Carolina is on everyone's Senate-race watch list, this natural-born Libertarian is bringing more attention to his party now, delivering pizzas, than he was able to do in a decade as a paid party operative.

Sounds good…except, of course, that everyone is a natural-born libertarian. Be sure to check out the comments posted on NPR’s site (over 100 and still growing).

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