Newsweek: Libertarian Pizza Delivery Guy Sean Haugh Might Decide the Fate of the Senate

An excerpt from yesterday’s Newsweek article by Taylor Wofford:

Haugh comes across as humble, soft-spoken and gentle, a salt-of-the-earth type who is fed up with Beltway malfeasance and gridlock. In his YouTube videos, he sits in his campaign manager’s basement, wearing a T-shirt and sipping craft beer and speaks directly to the camera. With folksy earnestness, he attempts to spin homegrown solutions to complex issues like geopolitics, campaign finance reform and immigration. “Bombing each other is not a solution for anybody,” he says of the Israel-Palestine conflict. His solution to illegal immigration? End the war on drugs. “Our war on drugs has turned Mexico into a cesspool of violence,” Haugh says. “If we ended the war on drugs, we could break the power of the drug cartels that caused this mayhem and restore peace."

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