Haugh in the Washington Post

Sean Haugh's campaign for US Senate made the front page of the Washington Post today.  The article focused on his Youtube-driven campaign to introduce himself to North Carolina voters.

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This article and versions of it were also carried on: Washington Post (blog), Washington Post (TV)Raleigh's News & Observer, Charlotte ObserverGreensboro's News-Record, Newser, Washington Examiner,  The Blaze, Mediaite, West Hawaii TodayNew Zealand's Stuff.co, and Newsmax.

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Haugh Holding Steady at 11% in Latest US Senate Poll

Public Policy Polling released their latest poll for the US Senate election in North Carolina earlier today. Incumbent Kay Hagan (D-NC) is still in the lead with 39%, up 1% from a month ago. The GOP candidate, Thom Tillis, garnered support from 33% of 1076 registered voters surveyed, down 3% from May. Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh held steady at 11%, while the number responding undecided or don’t know increased from 15% to 17%.

PPP asked Haugh supporters whom they would vote for if he were not in the race; in that scenario, Hagan’s lead shrank 1% to a 42%-to-38% margin. Commented Haugh, “I consider that polls asking for my supporters’ second choice as early as June to be a small victory. Next time I hope they ask how each of my opponents’ supporters would vote if he or she weren’t in it.”

For more details on the poll, click here.

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Haugh on Fox News

Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in North Carolina, appeared earlier tonight on the Fox Business show, “The Independents.”

Asked if he can defeat Kay Hagan, Haugh replied, “Oh, I think so…there’s just a lot of discontent with politics-as-usual. And it’s really very simple: if you like perpetual war and unsustainable debt and politicians that don’t really care about you after they get elected, well, you’ve got two choices in November. But if you don’t like those things, you could vote for me!”

The interview was conducted by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery and Matt Welch.

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Haugh Polls 11 Percent for US Senate

Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh is polling “a surprisingly high 11 percent” in the U.S. Senate race, according the first poll conducted by Public Policy Polling. Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan is at 38 percent, Republican challenger Thom Tillis is at 36 percent, and 15 percent are undecided. 

“This is an extraordinarily high poll result for a third-party candidate in three-way race for U.S. Senate in a major public poll,” observed Richard Winger, a nationally recognized ballot access law expert, writing on his Ballot Access News website. 

Haugh said he was excited by the results of this poll. “This supports my belief that people are hungry for an alternative, that they are eager to support any candidate who is against more war and more debt,” he said.

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Haugh Wins

Sean_Haugh.jpg Sean Haugh of Durham won the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate in the second primary in the party's history. Unofficial results (as of 8:42 a.m. May 7) have Haugh winning with 1,215 votes (60.7 percent) to 787 (39.3 percent) for Tim D'Annunzio of Raeford.

The 15.9 percent voter turnout was higher than the 14 percent turnout in the last non-presidential year primary in 2010. 

Haugh ended a four-year “retirement” from politics to enter the contest. At a victory party at Satisfactions Restaurant in Durham, he promised supporters he would run a vigorous general election effort focused on his campaign theme to “stop all wars.” 

About 10 p.m., D'Annunzio called to congratulate Haugh on his victory and pledged his support for the fall campaign. 

“I'm in this race to give anyone who is tired of sending the same old lying politicians to Washington for God-knows-how-long a viable alternative,” he said. “We just keep ending up with more wars, and more debt, and it just keeps getting worse.”

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Durham Debate: Haugh Delineates Differences; D’Annunzio Draws the Headlines

In the first ever US Senate Libertarian candidates forum, Sean Haugh outlined several areas where his views contrasted with those of his opponent, Tim D’Annunzio, including:

  • The Drug War (Haugh would end it; D’Annunzio is ambivalent)
  • Immigration (Haugh favors free movement across borders; D’Annunzio advocates curbs on immigration)
  • US military intervention abroad (Haugh opposes it; D’Annunzio believes there are circumstances where it is justified)
  • Abortion (Haugh says there is no role for government in regulating it; D’Annunzio asserts government should protect the rights of the unborn)

But their differences on a question about how to deal with the criticism that Libertarian candidates constitute spoilers attracted the most attention, chiefly because of D’Annunzio’s comment that if Greg Brannon wins the GOP nomination, “The last thing that I want to be responsible for if I receive the nomination is to allow Kay Hagan to defeat someone who is a libertarian because I split the libertarian vote in the name of the Libertarian Party,” implying that in that circumstance, he might endorse Brannon.

For his part, Haugh asserted that it is “absolutely vital to have a Libertarian voice in every election possible, especially at the top of the ticket.”

For a full account of the forum, check out this Carolina Journal article.

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Libertarian US Senate Candidate Forum in Durham

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina held its first ever U.S. Senate candidate forum April 5 during the party’s annual state convention in Durham. Candidates Tim D’Annunzio of Raeford and Sean Haugh of Durham answered questions submitted by Libertarians from across the state. The forum was streamed live and moderated by Barry Smith, Carolina Journal associate editor.

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Haugh “Opening Statement” Video Lauded

Libertarian US Senate candidate Sean Haugh’s “Opening Statement” video has only been posted on his YouTube site for four days now, but it is already garnering a lot of attention. Speaking on News14’s “Captital Tonight” show yesterday, Frank Eaton enthused that Haugh was provoking a “meta conversation about honesty in advertising and politics.” And asked about the non-traditional setting—the candidate sitting in front of a home bar with a glass of beer—Billy Warden opined, “Always push back against the shouldn’ts…you’re not going to break out and get into anybody’s imagination if you go with the shouldn’ts.”

Prior to the airing of the “Capital Tonight” segment last night, the video had garnered about 250 hits, but it now has over 500.

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Sean Haugh Issues Opening Statement

Sean Haugh of Durham, NC posted a video on his campaign’s YouTube channel today explaining why he is a candidate for the US Senate seat that is up for election in 2014.

“I didn't want to do it at first but now I am having some fun with it. I want to talk about stopping all war, literally and metaphorically, at home and abroad. Really I’m just doing this for myself, so I can vote for something other than more war and more debt. If you want to vote for me too, go right ahead,” stated Haugh.

Overall there are 13 primary election candidates vying for one of the the three nominations available from parties that will be on the ballot in November. That includes eight Republican candidates, three Democratic candidates (among them incumbent Senator Kay Hagan), and two Libertarians: Tim D’Annunzio of Raeford and Haugh.

For the Libertarians, it will be only the second primary election in party history. Back in 2000, there was a contested race for the nomination for governor: Barbara Howe won with 923 votes over Johnathan Littlejohn, who had 231 votes. The date of the primary is May 6 and voters registered as either Libertarian or unaffiliated are eligible to vote in the Libertarian contest.

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