Carolina Review Interview with Sean Haugh

Part 1 of the interview covers why Sean got into the race, the contrast between 2002 (when he ran for the same Senate seat against two different opponents) and 2014, the meaning of the “Stop All War” slogan, how to respond to ISIS, and the student loan situation. 

Part 2 includes the candidate’s opinions on his opponents, the polls, press coverage of the campaign, militarization of the police, political campaigning via social media, and the debates (again). 

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UNC-TV Interview with Sean Haugh

UNC-TV “North Carolina Now” host Mitchell Lewis interviewed Sean Haugh, candidate for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2014, yesterday. Among the topics discussed were the economy and jobs, education, student loans, health care, energy policy, immigration policy, foreign policy and war. To see the interview, click here.

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The Chronicle Talks to Sean Haugh

Duke University’s independent student newspaper ran an article yesterday about Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2014.

The article quote Haugh as urging students to be involved in the political process: “Not only does your voice matter, but we have to have it. The system is totally dependent on citizen involvement. Here in America, the citizens are supposed to own government, not the other way around. The government is supposed to work for us.” 

Other topics touched upon included US foreign policy, the militarization of police, marriage equality, marijuana, and, of course, the usual horse race discussion. “The whole spoiler notion is backwards because the Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians don’t own anyone’s votes. The individual voter owns their votes,” Haugh was quoted as saying.

Here is the full article.

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WNCN: Libertarian Candidate Could Have Big Impact on Senate Race

A segment that ran on WNCN-TV here in Raleigh earlier today focused on the potential for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Sean Haugh to draw significant support in the November election. “At least one recent poll had Haugh as high as 8 percent” said WNCN political correspondent Beau Minnick. “Early polls have suggested he’s polling in the high single digits, which could really affect the outcome of the race,” added Meredith College political science professor David McLennan.

McLennan added that while conventional wisdom has it that a Libertarian candidate in North Carolina draws more votes away from the Republican candidate than from the Democrat, “There’s so much animosity towards Washington that some of the Hagan supporters—or former supporters—may be saying, ‘I don’t like anybody up there.’”

Haugh pointed out that it’s wrong to say he is “drawing votes away” from anybody. “I could only be ‘drawing votes away’ from someone if that candidate owned those votes…but in fact, you own your vote—not any candidate or party—and just like any other candidate, I have to earn it from you.”

“If I lose the election, the only thing that I can say about that is that I simply didn't do enough to win,” Haugh said.

To see the segment in its entirety, click here.

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Daily Tar Heel interviews “Emperor of Pizza”

Yesterday’s edition of the UNC student-run campus newspaper, The Daily Tarheel, featured an article about Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Sean Haugh.

Asked what he hoped his campaign would accomplish, Mr. Haugh replied “The main issue is to stop all war. We’ve been in a state of war officially for about 15 years now. We just keep creating new, stronger, better-organized enemies who are all succeeding with our weapons and our training.… We just have trillions of trillions of dollars in debt now that the next generation has to pay off. If we were able to eliminate all of the costs of the war, that would give us a real advantage to be able to balance the budget.”

He was also asked about his political career and his pizza delivery job, his standing in the polls, and more. Check out the full interview here.

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FusionLiveTV Interviews Sean Haugh

FusionLive’s Mariana Atencio asks Sean about how his pizza delivery job prepares him for being a Senator, why the response to his 2014 campaign has been so much better than the last time he ran, what the theme of his campaign is, and how he would do in a debate with Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis.

Full interview is here.

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Carla Howell on RT America Discusses the Haugh Campaign

Carla Howell, Political Director for the Libertarian Party, was on RT America today to discuss the impact of Libertarians in US Senate races including Sean Haugh in North Carolina.

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Haugh in the Los Angeles Times

It was another big media day for Sean Haugh's US Senate campaign with a total of 5 interviews with various media outlets across the state and across the nation.

The Los Angeles Times came out today with this piece covering his campaign.

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Spanish Language Coverage of the Haugh Campaign

Sean Haugh was featured today in El Confidencial, a Spanish-language publication based out of Madrid, Spain.

Check it out here


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Haugh on Hardball

Sean Haugh appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews this evening to talk about ending the largest government program of all - war.

Catch the video here.


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