Charlotte Observer: Now Everybody’s for Sean Haugh!

Arch commentary on the dark money campaigns (scroll down to the second item in the column).

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Grover Norquist: NC Voters Beware: "Libertarian" Sean Haugh a Phony

LOL who knew Grover Norquist was still alive? As this op-ed piece filled with irresponsibly erroneous assertions demonstrates, he may be alive but evidently his eyesight, hearing, and/or mental capacity are materially impaired, as he has totally failed to comprehend the Haugh campaign’s positions as well-explained on our Issues webpage.

The appearance of a bootless hit piece such as this on top of the dark money campaigns are all good signs: the major parties are  taking this campaign very seriously and consider it enough of a threat to resort to measures as desperate as they are despicable.

Check out the comments on the Norquist article.

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This Libertarian Pizza Deliveryman Could Decide the North Carolina Senate Race

Matt Laslo—the Bills & Brews interview author—double-dips with this article in VICE.

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Another Dark Money Campaign!

Now someone is using Libertarian Sean Haugh to attack Republican Thom Tillis. This time, it’s anonymous mailers showing up in the snail-mail. Thanks to The Daily Haymaker for this article on the mailers. 

With this new dark money pro-me anti-Tillis mailer, now all three campaigns agree I am the best candidate in this race!” commented Sean Haugh.

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Sean Haugh on The Independents Again

“On Tuesday night's episode of The Independents, the beer-swilling, pot-smoking, election-complicating Libertarian Party Senate candidate in North Carolina Sean Haugh came on for a second time to talk about his candidacy.”

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WLOS ABC 13 TV Candidate Profile: Sean Haugh

WLOS ABC 13 TV in Asheville produced this profile of Sean Haugh.

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Meet the pizza deliveryman who could determine control of the U.S. Senate

A thoughtful piece in the Weekly Standard poisoned by a scurrilous, sensationalist headline that is maliciously misleading and totally unsupported by the text.

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Social Media Campaigning Gives Libertarian Sean Haugh a Boost in N.C. Senate Race

Independent Voter Network article argues that social media campaigning can produce a disproportionately large return on the investment.

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Carolina Review: Why You Should Vote For Sean Haugh

Excerpt from this opinion piece by Daniel Sifredo:

If all you want is a handshake and a couple of hellos for the people of North Carolina, then you know who to vote for, but, if you want somebody that will fight for your liberty, fight for your constitutional rights, and fight for you ,vote Sean Haugh. We need someone who will shape the 114th U.S congress to help the great people of North Carolina. If you want North Carolina’s unemployment rate to be 12th highest in the nation among states you know who to vote for. If you want job creation, less government, and less taxes on small businesses so they can actually prosper and drive the North Carolina economy vote Sean Haugh. In an interview with The Carolina Review, Sean Haugh said, “The main thing is if you’re voting for either the Democrat or the Republican, even though there are differences between the two, you are also voting for more war and more debt. It’s time that we send a message to the Democrats and the Republicans that we want something different.” Let’s end all war, let’s focus on our economy, and let’s vote Sean Haugh for U.S Senate. 

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FOXCarolinas: Senate Candidate, Sean Haugh, Discusses Race

Actually, the headline notwithstanding, this interview is surprisingly substantive, with very little discussion of the horserace and mostly focused on issues. There is a charming little interchange at the end about The Cat Tie.

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