Haugh Holding Steady at 11% in Latest US Senate Poll

Public Policy Polling released their latest poll for the US Senate election in North Carolina earlier today. Incumbent Kay Hagan (D-NC) is still in the lead with 39%, up 1% from a month ago. The GOP candidate, Thom Tillis, garnered support from 33% of 1076 registered voters surveyed, down 3% from May. Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh held steady at 11%, while the number responding undecided or don’t know increased from 15% to 17%.

PPP asked Haugh supporters whom they would vote for if he were not in the race; in that scenario, Hagan’s lead shrank 1% to a 42%-to-38% margin. Commented Haugh, “I consider that polls asking for my supporters’ second choice as early as June to be a small victory. Next time I hope they ask how each of my opponents’ supporters would vote if he or she weren’t in it.”

For more details on the poll, click here.

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