Federal One Call

Federal One Call

Howdy! I'm Sean Haugh, running as a Libertarian for US Senate in North Carolina in 2016.

Being a Senator is not just about the issues. A big part of the job is being your representative.

I understand that when I go to Washington, I am beholden to offer everyone in North Carolina a high level of constituent services, whether they voted for me or not. Given my background in customer service, I am perfect for this job.

Senators get a pretty big budget to maintain their offices. I want to devote the bulk of my office budget to something I call Federal One Call.

I'm stealing an idea from local government here in Durham. They have one number that you can call for anything at all having to do with city government.

I've seen it in operation. The folks at the switchboard are incredibly efficient at telling callers what they need to know and connecting them directly with the person at City Hall who can help them.

My staff will be trained in every kind of question I might receive by phone or email. Do you want to know about a pending bill in Congress? Want to voice your opinion?

Are you having trouble negotiating some federal bureaucracy, or have questions about how things work? Do you need an advocate who will help make the federal government work for you?

Of course you do! You deserve Federal One Call.

I'm Sean Haugh, and I'm here to serve.

Send contributions and beer money!! seanhaugh.com

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