Durham Debate: Haugh Delineates Differences; D’Annunzio Draws the Headlines

In the first ever US Senate Libertarian candidates forum, Sean Haugh outlined several areas where his views contrasted with those of his opponent, Tim D’Annunzio, including:

  • The Drug War (Haugh would end it; D’Annunzio is ambivalent)
  • Immigration (Haugh favors free movement across borders; D’Annunzio advocates curbs on immigration)
  • US military intervention abroad (Haugh opposes it; D’Annunzio believes there are circumstances where it is justified)
  • Abortion (Haugh says there is no role for government in regulating it; D’Annunzio asserts government should protect the rights of the unborn)

But their differences on a question about how to deal with the criticism that Libertarian candidates constitute spoilers attracted the most attention, chiefly because of D’Annunzio’s comment that if Greg Brannon wins the GOP nomination, “The last thing that I want to be responsible for if I receive the nomination is to allow Kay Hagan to defeat someone who is a libertarian because I split the libertarian vote in the name of the Libertarian Party,” implying that in that circumstance, he might endorse Brannon.

For his part, Haugh asserted that it is “absolutely vital to have a Libertarian voice in every election possible, especially at the top of the ticket.”

For a full account of the forum, check out this Carolina Journal article.

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