Wilmington US Senate Candidates Debate

Perhaps Sean Haugh will not end up with the most votes when the counting is done next month, but of the three televised debates held so far, the one last night that included him was, if not outright the best, certainly much more entertaining than the prior two, from which he’d been excluded.

While Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis recycled the same tick tacky calumnies from the second debate—she skipped hearings to go a fundraiser…he voted for tax credits that benefited a bank whose stock he owns—Haugh stuck to answering the questions—excellently framed by moderator Joh Evans—and talking about the issues.

Never-the-less, Haugh did get in the best zinger of the evening, when at the end of his closing statement, Tillis castigated Hagan for being an “establishment Republican”—obviously having meant to say “establishment Democrat”—and Haugh, exhibiting cat-like reflexes befitting his tie, immediately observed that it was an understandable mistake as he too often finds it hard to tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Check out this WNCN-TV report on last night’s debate, including several good snippets on various topics. Also, some other takes around the state of North Carolina:

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