Daily Tar Heel interviews “Emperor of Pizza”

Yesterday’s edition of the UNC student-run campus newspaper, The Daily Tarheel, featured an article about Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Sean Haugh.

Asked what he hoped his campaign would accomplish, Mr. Haugh replied “The main issue is to stop all war. We’ve been in a state of war officially for about 15 years now. We just keep creating new, stronger, better-organized enemies who are all succeeding with our weapons and our training.… We just have trillions of trillions of dollars in debt now that the next generation has to pay off. If we were able to eliminate all of the costs of the war, that would give us a real advantage to be able to balance the budget.”

He was also asked about his political career and his pizza delivery job, his standing in the polls, and more. Check out the full interview here.

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