Carolina Review: Why You Should Vote For Sean Haugh

Excerpt from this opinion piece by Daniel Sifredo:

If all you want is a handshake and a couple of hellos for the people of North Carolina, then you know who to vote for, but, if you want somebody that will fight for your liberty, fight for your constitutional rights, and fight for you ,vote Sean Haugh. We need someone who will shape the 114th U.S congress to help the great people of North Carolina. If you want North Carolina’s unemployment rate to be 12th highest in the nation among states you know who to vote for. If you want job creation, less government, and less taxes on small businesses so they can actually prosper and drive the North Carolina economy vote Sean Haugh. In an interview with The Carolina Review, Sean Haugh said, “The main thing is if you’re voting for either the Democrat or the Republican, even though there are differences between the two, you are also voting for more war and more debt. It’s time that we send a message to the Democrats and the Republicans that we want something different.” Let’s end all war, let’s focus on our economy, and let’s vote Sean Haugh for U.S Senate. 

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